45 Road Club

Silverstone 9 Man TTT - 19th July 2013 - RESULTS

Well, amazing!

52 teams all there, resplendent in club colours, working your hearts out for a fast time. What an
effort! So , thank you for coming and thank you, from our charities, for putting your hands in
your pockets and giving so generously. There will be a final account of funds raised and disbursed
on the club website soon, bmcc2000.com.
Photographs from the event are already coming in to our website (bmcc2000.com) and appearing on our
Facebook page, Bicester Millennium Cycling Club.
We know it wasn't a perfect event but sometimes things don't go quite to plan however hard we try to
make that happen. Thank you for bearing with us.
We would like to hear any feedback you would like to give us and a confirmation from the two clubs
who had walking wounded that they are healing OK.
We already have a few preliminary bookings for next year (!) and will be inviting all of you again
as soon as we have confirmed a date for 2014 with the wonderful people at Silverstone.

Thank you.
Philip Hendrick
BMCC Silverstone Team

45RC 'A' Team                                                      45RC 'B' Team

Full gallery from the evening event from David Brown
The results are in......it was a hot evening, and there was a distinctly brisk headwind blowing from
the NE which made all the legs straight after the pits a real challenge! There was also a lot more
competition this year with 52 teams racing on the night so was quite hectic at times out there.
3 laps of the 3.66 mile GP circuit giving a total length of 10.98 miles.

Pos   Team #  Team             Lap #1    Lap #2    Lap #3    Total     Avg Speed
16th  #44     45 Road Club A   08:21:00  08:33:00  08:27:00  25:21:00  25.7988
45th  #10     45 Road Club B   10:01:00  09:19:00  09:12:00  28:32:00  22.9205

Congratulations to all, it was a difficult and challenging ride but a great experience and good fun at
the same time. Thanks as well to all the supporters who came along and cheered the teams on...
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