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RESULTS: N&DCA Open 10TT - 30th Apr 2022

NOTE: The closing date for this event has been extended to Midnight Wed 20th Apr 2022

45RC, are hosting a round of the N&DCA Open TT series on Sat 30th Apr 2022

N&DCA Open TT Series - 30th April 2022 hosted by 45 Road Club

Northampton & District CA (TT Series 1 of 7)
Date/Time: 30-Apr-22 14:00:00
Event type: Solo
Distance: 10 Miles
Course: N3/10
Closing Date: 20-Apr-22 23:59

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Results for the event: N&DCA Open TT Series 2020 - #1 of 7 

Ride for Ups 'n' Downs 2022 - 17th Jul '22

45 Road Club are once again one of the major sponsors and supporters of the
Riding for Ups 'n' Downs charity 2022.

Following the Amber weather warnings, we have decided that it would be wise to change the itinerary for the UpsnDowns ride on Sunday 17th July.

As you all know, the weather is forecast to be extremely hot on Sunday (remember your suncream!). So we would like to bring forward both start times by one hour in order to help with the heat. However we also want to respect our neighbours near the Cricket Club and will need to be as quiet as possible if setting off early. The new start are:

100k route: Please turn up no earlier than 7.00am for the ride starting at 7:30am.

70k route: please arrive at the cricket ground no earlier than 8am for the ride starting at 8:30am

We appreciate that some people are travelling from afar so may not be able to change their plans, and some will still want to set off at the original times (an hour later than those listed above). This is absolutely ok and someone will be at the club to brief you and get you ready to set out on your ride. Equally some people riding the shorter route may wish to start at 7:30am, this is also ok. We are trying to be as flexible as possible so that everyone can get out on the road and enjoy the routes as planned.

Due to these changes, please be as careful as possible both arriving and leaving the Cricket Club as cyclists will be using the lane to start their rides, we will try to marshall this as best we can.

A few years ago, we were worried about hypothermia after a ride, and now we have the opposite problem! So we are also adding an extra water station at Kislingbury (at the junction of Rothersthorpe Road and Bugbrooke Road where the 2 routes diverge), there will be no toilet facilities at this stop, look for the black Transit van. This stop is after approx 18.5 miles for each route, and will be open between 8:00am and 10:15am.

The final stop will be at the Mens Own Rugby Club in Ashton (and the loos will be open!) after approximately 28 miles for the shorter route, and 47 miles for the longer route. This stop will be open between 9:30am and 12:00 noon. Both routes will have approximately 16 miles to go after this second stop. 

Both stops will have gels, bananas and rehydration tablets available as well. Please ensure that you set off on your rides with 2 bottles of water and please refill as needed at the stops.  There are also several cafes in Bugbrooke, Canon’s Ashby, Culworth(just off the long route) Silverstone and Salcey, along the route if anyone needs a longer stop.

It goes without saying, that if you have Covid symptoms, feel unwell, test positive etc, please do not ride.

Due to the timings changing, there will be NO cash registration on the day, so please use the UltraBritain link if anyone else wants to join the ride.

For anyone who registered before the 27/06, you can pick up your cycle tops from the Cricket Club between 1 and 3 on Saturday or contact Bob on the WhatsApp group, or get a fellow rider to pick up your top for you please.

We know that an early start will probably mean an early finish but, after the ride, the bar will be open from 11:30am and the BBQ from 12:00 noon (I’m afraid that the bouncy castle has been cancelled due to the heat) so please come and join us. Or even go home, have a cool shower and come back and celebrate.
Please see under for the Strava links again and the link to join the WhatsApp group.

Cheers  Bob Jacob Mick Peter Tom.

http://www.strava.com/routes/2918970434792634348 100k

http://www.strava.com/routes/2919283724099958064  70k


Full details are below in the images shown, there is a virtual ride (9th-16th July) and 2 In Real Life on road rides (17th July - departing 8:00am from the Cricket Ground Earls Barton). The real life rides are shown in the map image below, a short ride of 70km and a longer ride of 101km.
Downloadable GPX and TCX route files are available on the buttons displayed by the map below.
On line entry is only from the direct links below.
Entry fees are £10 for the virtual ride only, or £40 pounds for the on-road rides (until the 24th June) and will include the special custom ride jersey.
There is an entry cut-off date for entry with the jersey of the 24th June, after which the entry will drop to £25 but this will NOT include the special ride jersey.

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Garmin maps for both courses by selecting the GPX file format from the linked pages on STRAVA......



About the 45 Road Club

The 45 Road Club was started in the mid 1950s by a group of Irchester Wheeler members who were disillusioned with the way the Irchester Wheelers was being run. They felt that the club did not offer them the range of activities that they wanted to do, so they decided to start their own club.

This new club, formed in 1957, was called the 45 Road Club after the main road that linked the founder members, as some lived in Higham Ferrers and some lived in Wellingborough.

The original members included Alan Clayton, Bill Rawlins, Rex Davis and Barry Billet. With their enthusiasm for all aspects of cycling, these first members encouraged others to join them and ride for enjoyment.

Initially they used to meet in local pubs, like the Peacock and also the Exchange, but eventually the Polish club in Wellingborough kindly allowed them to use their meeting room. After a number of years at the Polish club the Wellingborough council offered them the use of a prefab on Henshaw Road, and it had been the clubs permanent home until this was destroyed in an arson attack some years ago.

The prefab was very useful as it was some where for the members to meet even in the bad weather, and allowed new members to join in a friendly environment.

Barry Billet (who is a life member of the club) and Rex Davis were instrumental in promoting the clubs social side of cycling, with youth hostelling and touring in this country and abroad. There used to be a regular all night rides up to the peak district every Whitsun. Some social events became competitive with there own trophies, one such event was the Pancake race, which was held on Shrove Tuesday, and required the competitors to make there own pancake on a camping gas stove and then cycle a course whilst holding and flipping the pancake in the pan. Also the Beer and Pudding, which was a fancy dress cycle ride, held on Boxing Day that involved the consumption of Christmas pudding and beer at various points around the route.

Other founder members were more active in promoting the racing side of the cycling and this is one side of the club that is quite active today.

The club has a long history of racing in the region and owns a number of trophies, which are awarded for some of the races in the year; five are dedicated to 25-mile time trial events alone.

A member of the club, who was a carpenter originally made some the trophies, in the 1950s, he used sections of oak to fabricate shields, to which silver plaques were fitted.

Other more elaborate trophies were generously donated by the Wellingborough cycling club, who when they disbanded, decided that the trophies should still be issued to riders for competing in cycling events. All of these trophies are still in use today.

The club has always been active in bringing forward young cycling talent and encouraging cyclist of all abilities to improve their performances. Some notable riders who have ridden for the club in the past include Sam Barker, who now rides for the API Bikes racing team, Stuart Wright, who also rides for API bikes. Bob Barker, who has been a dominant figure in time trialing for a number of years, in this area. Tim Crisp and Steve Smith who together with Bob Barker won the junior team award at the National 25-mile championships. Richard Cosford also went on to produce some excellent rides and eventually moved to VC Slough (a notable time trial club).

Present club riders of note include, Rob Swannack, is a consistent fast rider who has performed very well in time trials around the country for a number of years. Liz Parsons is a star athlete who has competed in triathlons around the world, and has achieved many high places nationally and internationally. Zak Moore, who was a very promising rider in his youth, has just returned back to cycling and is already beating his personal bests. Stu Travis who rides for Team Spirit, Liam Stones who has progressed through various semi-pro teams to now ride for NFTO. 

Members who deserve the largest mention are those who have put so much into the sport locally. Tony Proctor for all of his efforts with the juniors in the 80s and 90s (under his leadership as chairman the club ran the first ever national 10 mile championship). Barry Billet with his enthusiasm for cycling as an enjoyable pastime. Ray Grundy and Graham Swannack for their tireless support of the club and cycling organisations in the district. Other notable members include Pete Knotley, who was a journalist who wrote articles on cycling. John Crisp a life long active member of the club and Pete Stafford who always did so much for the club.

45 Road Club....

If you are a 45 Road Club member, please go ahead and register on the site, as soon as your membership has been verified the account will be activated. If you have photo's to replace the ones used in the news articles below, that we can use, please forward them on to the site admin. Likewise, if you have any collections you would like publishing here, with full credit of course, just contact the webmaster please.

There is a For Sale/Wanted section in the members secure area. Do you have any parts you wish to advertise (it's totally free!) to other club members, or parts you would like to get? Then if you are a registered member and logged-in you can submit your adverts in the private Members area.....

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