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Northamptonshire Summer of Cycling.....

Summer of Cycling 2012
The Summer of Cycling is an amazing array of cycling events and activities being organised or supported by Northamptonshire County Council to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get out and give cycling a go during the summer.
All the events and activities are free to members of the public.  So bring your bike along to the event nearest you and join in the fun.

Earls Barton TT N7 10 - 30/05/12

Rob & Tel on a 22:19Official Results...... The mid-week 10 mile TT took place last night is really good conditions, having been a shower earlier in the afternoon, the air was calm and oxygen rich! There were a couple of quick rides tonight. Was good to see Tom back, spectating, looking quite sprightly considering his bump last week. David's gallery is also online.
OFFICIAL RESULTS Earls Barton TT N7/10 30/05/12

45 Club Riders                             Guest Riders
Justin Garon    00:20:58                   Sam Barker      00:20:36 Planet X
Kevin Hardwick  00:21:05 *PB*              Stuart Tarry    00:21:59 Chronos RT
Simon Fitzhugh  00:22:09                   Mark Booth      00:22:14 Kettering CC
Rob Swannack    00:22:19 ] 2 Up            Paul Ashdown    00:22:42 Kettering CC
Chantelle Rothe 00:22:19 ] 2 Up            Melanie Ryding  00:25:41 Northants Tri
Steven West     00:22:59 *PB*              Trevor Parish   00:25:50 A5 Rangers
Ian Pateman     00:23:32 *PB*              Tom Evans       00:27:14 Welland V W
Ben Elderton    00:24:13 *PB*
James Fordham   00:25:07
Dave Falkener   00:26:49 45RC Day Member
Andy Brock      00:27:33

A very good evening on the A45 with the rain holding off until just after the event when an approaching black
cloud signalled the arrival of monsoon conditions. Fastest club rider was Justin Garon. Kevin Hardwick, Steven
West, Ian Pateman and Ben Elderton all returned PBs, some slightly slower than their unofficial times of the 
week before. Chantelle Rothe returned a fast 2 UP time with a little assistance from Rob Swannack. New father
Sam Barker was fastest rider on the night. We were pleased to see Tom Wildman spectating and in cheerful mood
considering the incident the previous week.  

Alan Trille on the Dragon Ride - Wales

With all credit to Alan on his superb story on his recent Welsh ride.....inspirational stuff!

Part 1 Dragon ride Wales - oh boy - where do I start?

After last years bout of cold feet at the Medio/Gran Fondo junction, this was a case of get yourself back there and see the job through this year. only thing is the organisers added a further 10miles and straight into the mountains from the off unlike last years coastal run for 40miles to begin with. Tougher because they have a point to prove to the UCI series, thanks.

Considering the high winds, rain, floods and general miserable week for weather I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun shining and the trees not moving at all at 5am. the weather clouded over and slight drizzle to see us off at the start which would make the rural mountain roads that little more difficult to negotiate.

My start time was supposed to be 8.15 to 8.30 but due to 4500 vehicles trying to park not everyone got to the start pens at their appropriate times so I took off at 7.50am. Groups of 125 at two minute intervals meant that long lines of riders setting out soon merged. It wasn't long before we were climbing and my legs were a little stiff to say the least, not to panic but I have 120 miles still to ride, they better wake up quickly. Luckily enough most people were sensible and the early pace was not great, so plenty of time to eat and drink. The first three climbs started Bryn, Cimla, Neath steeply but level out and give a chance for the legs to get pumping. the Mavic cars and motorbike outriders do give it a grand sense of occasion.

The first feed stop comes at 27miles happy with the pace, however the stop is welcomed as the climbs are only going to get bigger and longer. Well stocked drinks, food cake- cranberries, zip bars - new potatoes??? That's a first! Not brave enough to attempt them just yet. Took on a couple of my gels and got going again.

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Club Run Sunday 10th Jun 2012

A couple of pictures of some club members feeding up at Bedford square on Sunday the 10th Jun. Thanks to Mike Berry for the images.

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