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45RC 10TT #21/25 - A6 Bypass - 07/08/19

Results for tonight's 10TT on the A6 Bypass course - 7th August 2018
A not so fast evening tonight. It was hot, dry and very close out on the course. It was the youngsters evening tonight with congratulations to Jack on his outright win, and to Trystan, with his fastest 45RC rider results. This will build on his position at the top of the club leaderboard.

Thanks to the supporters: Mike (TK), Dave (PO) and Mike (signs), only 3 more events for the year and leaderboard opportunities........Whiston Hilly next week, see you there.

45RC Riders
Trystan Barnett	T 23:52 (30)
Simon Fitzhugh	T 24:33 (29)
Evan Hsu	R 25:25 (28)
Mark Ainge	R 26:58 (27)

Guest Riders
Jack Patmore	T 21:30 VeloElite
George Fox	T 21:45 Team Bottrill-Vangard
Paul Hardy	T 22:47 VeloElite
Olli Bates	T 22:54 Team Bottrill-Vangard
Jonathan Dudley	T 23:06 L.U.C.C
Graham Read	T 26:18 VeloElite
Suliman Vali	R 28:37 
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