45 Road Club

2018 TT #10/25 A45 10TT

Well, I said it was quick........the previous course record stood for 17yrs, how long will the new one stand? 
So, after being unable to use the course at all during 2017 due to ongoing roadworks, tonight was going to be a test of the new road surface which having been laid almost a year ago, should now be well settled and smoothed out.
It was a breezy and cool evening, not one that would have been called a floater, and no one mentioned anything about it looking like a fast evening! The course record has stood since 2001, so effectively 16yrs due to being unable to use it at all in 2017, set by Sam Barker at 19:43, but tonight two riders beat that CR, George Fox with a 19:22, and then a new outright record being set by a very, very, happy Stuart Travis with a blistering 18:44. What a superb ride with an average speed of approx 32mph! Also a mention for young Trystan Barnett, 15yrs of age and the club Junior Champ, who set a personal best time of 23:25, beating his father, Lee, by almost 3 minutes!
Seven riders set personal best's for a 10TT tonight, not just for this course but absolute personal bests. Very well done to everyone who participated tonight, and to the support team, Steven (TK), Mark (PO) and Paul (Signs).
Now I'm just looking forwards to a real floater of an evening to see what happens, is a 17 possible..........
  1 Stuart Travis	18:44 
  2 George Fox		19:22
  3 Fabos Young		20:11
  4 Jack Patmore	20:12
  5 Phil Melling	21:00
  6 Stu Plows		22:01
  7 Ben Elderton	22:44
  8 Glyn Poole		23:13
  9 Trystan Barnett	23:25
 10 Simon Fitzhugh	23:33
 11 Eddie Smith		23:38
 12 Ben Richardson	24:14
 13 Marcus Busch	24:17
 14 Colin Newport	24:38
=15 Ruth F/King		26:21
=15 Lee Barnett		26:21

45RC Riders
Fabos Young	(T) 20:11 =PB
Phil Melling	(T) 21:00      30
Ben Elderton	(T) 22:44 PB   29
Trystan Barnett	(T) 23:25 PB   28 Jnr
Simon Fitzhugh	(T) 23:33      27
Colin Newport	(R) 24:38      26
Ruth F/King	(T) 26:21      25
Lee Barnett	(T) 26:21 PB   25

Guest Riders
Stuart Travis	(T) 18:44 CR   Team Bottrill-Vanguard
George Fox	(T) 19:22 (CR) Team Bottrill-Vanguard
Jack Patmore	(T) 20:12 PB   Velo Elite
Stu Plows	(T) 22:01      Velo Elite
Glyn Poole	(T) 23:13 PB   WC
Eddie Smith	(T) 23:38      Baines
Ben Richardson	(R) 24:14 PB   TMK
Marcus Busch	(T) 24:17      KCC

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