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2018 TT #9/25 ~ A6 Bypass 10 - 15/05/18

Results from the 10TT on the A6 Bypass course - 15th May 2018
Well I said it would be a fast one, and so it proved. Despite the low turnout, 3 riders set personal 10 PB's and George took the Course Record (from himself) with an 20:11, which previously was 20:18 set in Aug 2017. Great results for all the riders taking part today. A great ride by Steve with a 24:30 on a full road bike and wearing road kit to also achieve a 10/PB. Club Series Leaderboard uodated, and it's all change at the top!
Thanks to MikeS (TK), PaulS (PO) and PaulB (Signs). Was also good to see David Brown again and taking pictures.
45RC Riders    
Trystan Barnett	T 25:10    (28)
Steve Brierley	R 24:30 PB (29)
Ben Elderton	T 23:28    (30)
Fabos Young	T 20:47 PB (NA)

Guest Riders
Paul Hardy	T 22:39 PB WCC
Stu Wright	T 22:39    Planet-X
George Fox	T 20:11 CR Team Bottrill-Vanguard

T=TT Bike R=Road Bike

Gallery Images by David Brown (contact him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for hi-res versions)
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