45 Road Club

2018 TT #5/25 ~ Salcey 10

Thanks to all the riders that participated in tonight's TT on a far from ideal evening, it was windy, it was overcast and it was wet! But still some super times were put in by a number of people, with the competition between Jack and Fabos continuing and only 9 secs between them tonight with an 11 sec improvement by Jack over last week. Results all updated including the TT Leaderboard.
Thanks also to Mike (TK) and Neil (PO & Signs). Sorry no pictures tonight, rain and low light prevented it!!
45 Road Club
Fabos Young	T 22:31 (30)
Ben Elderton	T 25:42 (29)
Jamie Tuttle	R 25:42 (29)
Simon Fitzhugh	T 26:36 (28)
Trystan Barnett	T 27:00 (27) Jnr
Lee Barnett	T 29:34 (26)
Mark Ainge	R 30:47 (25)
Alec Perry] 2	R 40:21      Jnr
Tom Perry ] Up	      "	

Guest Riders
Jack Patmore	T 22:40  VeloElite
Gavin Howell	R 23:32  VeloElite
Paul Hardy	R 24:38  WC
Gary Hewitt	R 26:30  WC
Glyn Poole	R 26:47  WC
Steve Henman	R 27:46  WC
Jack Gibbs	R 27:56  WC
Robin Bryant	R 28:46  WC
Caroline Hewitt	R 29:55  WC
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