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2018 TT #4/25 ~ Salcey 10

Results from 45RC TT Series 2018 Event #4/25 - Salcey Forest 10m TT 10/04/18

A great turnout on a cool but good looking evening on the Salcey 10 course. Some very good times, I have identified between Road and TT Bikes being ridden. 
Thanks to all the riders that turned out, sorry for Jamie whose Di2 wouldn't play ball for him. Cudos to George who rode a TT bike with drop bars fitted as he was nursing arm and forearm injuries from a recent fall. Cudos also to Steven B for not falling off when his bars rotated after hitting a pot hole and lost time sorting them out so he could continue, making his time even more creditable. Thanks also to the duty team, Mike, Paul, Ben and Evan. Jack is coming on super strong and Fabos who set the fastest club time.

Hope to see you all again next week when warmer weather is on the cards cool

45RC Riders		Time
T Fabos Young		22:24 (30)
T Ben Elderton		25:34 (29)
T Simon Fitzhugh	25:36 (28)
R Steve Brierley	26:14 (27)
R Trystan Barnett	27:47 (26)
R Mark Ainge		28:42 (25)
T Lee Barnett		28:54 (24)
  Jamie Tuttle		 DNS

Guest Riders		Time
T Will Scott		22:21 Flamme Rouge
T George Fox		22:50 Team Botrill
T Jack Patmore		22:51 VeloElite
R Gavin Howells		23:08 VeloElite
T Stu Wright		24:01 Planet-X
R Oli Bates		24:02 Team Bottrill
T Paul Hardy		24:39 WC
T Ian Ellis		26:21 ASR
R Gary Hewitt		26:23 WC
R Ben Richardson	26:30 TMK
T Pete Cundell		27:07  -
R Steve Henman		27:14 WC
R Glyn Poole		27:29 WC
T Cath Weiss		28:41 Speedhub
R Caroline Hewitt	28:50 WC
T Rob Bing		29:14 KCC
R Joanne Lee		30:53 WC
R Annie Carny		31:52  -
R Lisa Brady		31:53 WC
Gallery Images by Evan Hsu 
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