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45RC TT #16/25 - Salcey 4th July 2017


Well, despite the low turnout, there was quality in abundance, with Stu, George, Phil, Fabos and Jack all lining up for a ride tonight. I said it was going to be a quick one and we were not dissapointed with the course record being beaten by 2 riders, George and Stuart with the honours of the new course record went to guest rider Stuart Travis with an excellent 20:49.

Thanks to the helpers, Trystan, Ian and Paul.

45RC Riders 
Phil Melling	22:06 (30)
Simon Ftizhugh	25:11 (29)
Jodie Redden	27:21 (28)
Mark Ainge	28:24 (27)

Guest Riders
Stuart Travis	20:49* Team Bottrill 
George Fox	21:10  Team Bottrill
Fabos Young	22:04  WC Team
Jack Patmore	23:17  WC Team
Jack Pinchin	27:02  A5 Rangers (Junior)
Stu Plows	27:40  KCC
Steve Young	28:03   -
* New course record time Stuart Travis: 20:49

Gallery by Charlotte Redden
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