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Intro to Time-trialling

So you want to ride your first time trial?.........here are some basics.

Join a Club. .................This is the best way to find out about the sport and get loads of advice from fellow enthusiasts. Not sure which club to join? Checkout the full list of over 900 CTT affiliated clubs for one near you. Alternatively, contact your CTT District Council for advice as to a good local club. You need to be at least 12 to be permitted to ride a CTT Time Trial.

Cycling Time Trials Ltd. This is the sport's governing body in England and Wales. The full Rules and Regulations are on the CTT website and in the CTT Handbook

Types of event.

.............Open events. These require pre entry, typically a couple of weeks beforehand; there are no entries on the day. Prizes and awards are given and the entry fee is around £7. A full list of open CTT time trials can be found HERE. You’ll need to fill in the officialCTT entry form for an open event, including the Parental Consent Form if you are under 18.

.............Club events. Because of the informality of entry, club events are most riders’ introduction to the sport. These are usually held in the evenings and because of daylight run from early April to late August. Club events can be entered on the day and most clubs have a facility to become a “Day Member” to allow unaffiliated riders to ride. Details of club events are not held centrally, but by the local CTT District Councils many of whom have websites listing events in their area.

Courses. These have codes which may appear confusing at first. Actually they are to precisely identify the start, finish and route. A broad description of the course area can be viewed HERE. Additionally, precise maps and aerial views of courses can be seen in our extensive Course Maps Section. Definitive course details will be on the start sheet of open events.

Clothing. “Trade” clothing is only allowed in open events where the correct club sponsorship rules have been followed. Trade clothing is allowed in club events. Regulation 16 gives full details about permitted clothing. Safety helmets are compulsory only for under 18s but recommended for everyone else. Rear facing LEDs are recommended.

Bike. You’ll need one of these to time trial. Regulation 14 relates to bikes. UCI bike rules do not apply to CTT time trials.

Distances. The standard distances are 10, 25, 30, 50, 100 miles and 12, 24 hours where the winner is the rider who covers the greatest distance in the time. Many hilly events are at non-standard distances.

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