45 Road Club

 45RC TT #3/25 - Salcey Forest

It was a good evening for a TT, temperature was okay, roads were dry and very little wind. A good turnout and 23 riders took part.

There was a minor incident for one rider who was brought down by a car turning straight across his path even though they saw him, fortunately no major damage to anyone. But the accident report forms still need to be completed! Some really good results and I'm sure some PB's were set, Charlotte with a 2m 19s improvement! I will update as soon as I can get all the information together. Well done to fastest 45RC rider Neville on his return to the bars and to the fastest time overall to Tom on his time. The course record for this route was set by Liam Stones on the 14th April 2015 at 21:38.

45RC Riders
 1 Neville Bradshaw	24:25
 2 Anthony McCarrick	25:42 *PB
 3 Evan Hsu		26:13
 4 Dave Tuttle		26:27
 5 Jamie Tuttle		26:52
 6 Ian Stokes		28:00
 7 Jodie Redden		28:55
 8 Bob Green		29:16
 9 Cat Riley		29:26
10 Phillip Deveraux	32:26 *OC
11 Barry Walker		DNF

Guest Riders
 1 Tom Scott-Collins	22:44  Spirit Tifosi
 2 Andy Sharman		24:36  Bains Racing
 3 Anthony Smith	24:45  Team MK
 4 Trevor Hook		25:39  Team MK
 5 Gary Hewitt		26:18  WC
 6 Charlotte Redden	26:24 *PB Team OnForm
 7 Ben Richardson	26:52  KCC
 8 Robin Bryant		28:12  WC
 9 Will Gell		29:21  AJC
10 Caroline Hewitt	29:30  WC
11 Lisa Brady		31:24  WC
12 Lucy Gell		31:29  WC
Gallery by Mike - iPhone not up to David or Kevin's standards or hardware! And not all are clear, my apologies.
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