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CTT and BC rule updates/changes....

If you are entering any OPEN TT events or Closed Circuit Road Races please be aware of the following.....

From the CTT:
For anyone racing OPEN (type A) time trials this season, this is from CTT:
"Attention Riders - an important reminder about a new regulation in force for the 2017 season: 
Please be aware of the new CTT Regulation 17(b): 
For 2017 all competitors in open (Type A) events will be required to return to the event HQ, hand in their number(s) and SIGN OUT.
A competitor MUST sign out him/herself. It is not permissible for another person to sign out on behalf of the competitor.
Failure to do will result in the competitor being recorded as DNF.
This regulation was passed at the CTT AGM (National Council) in December 2016 and was put in place so event organisers can ensure that all riders have returned safely and to ensure riders are available (should they be needed) for the doping control if one is in place at the event."
From BC:
Rule update for you.......laps out on closed circuit racing are now NOT permitted.
British Cycling confirms that laps out are not permitted in circuit races.
Following the removal at the end of last year of the regulation which covered procedures for taking laps out in circuit races, British Cycling received a number of requests for clarification on this matter. There was concern that, without specific guidance on the practice in the regulations, and with no rule specifically forbidding it, a number of different interpretations would emerge.
The matter was referred back to the Road Commission, who examined the options and concluded that consistency was required and therefore laps out would not be permitted in any type of closed circuit racing. To give substance to this the deleted technical regulation 20.3.3 is replaced by the following amended version:
20.3.3 Laps out are not permitted in circuit races.
The change has been ratified by the Technical Commission and approved by the BC Board and applies with immediate effect.
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