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45RC Club 10TT 2019/19 - 23/07/19

2019ttr19-KG 45RC Club TT Series 2019/#19 10TT on the A6 Bypass circuit - Results
Not a particularly fast event this evening, very hot and humid, but still didn;t stop 5 riders from setting PB's Well done to Jamie, Graham, Mark, Josh and Graham. Josh's time was even more impressive since he was on age restricted gearing, so watch out when he goes full open gearing! Fabos pulled out after 5 miles as he wasn't feeling it tonight.
Thanks to Ian for PO duty, Lee and Trystan for signs duty.

45RC Riders
 1: Jamie Tuttle	R 22:48 PB (30)
 2: Trystan Barnett	T 24:20    (29)
 3: Simon Fitzhugh	T 25:02    (28)
 4: Graham Read		T 25:32 PB (27)
 5: Mark Ainge		T 25:53 PB (26)
 6: Andy Wildman	R 26:17    (25)
 7: Lee Barnett		R 27:42    (24)

Guest Riders
    George Fox		T 20:39    Team Bottrill
    Josh Brown		T 22:55 PB KCC
    Mike Farrow		T 25:09    HFCC
    Graham Rice		T 25:59 PB  -
    Fabos Young		T DNF      Velo Elite
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