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A6 Bypass TT 2019/#9 - 14/05/19

A6 Bypass 10TT 2019 #9  - 14th May 2019
Correction applied to results, apologies to Ian and Scott for the error.

What a night, 7 PB's and CPB's plus two new course records!

Fastest time on the day was again George, this time on his TT bike and takes the course record by 6 seconds with a 20:05, not as quick as he was aiming for, but a stellar performance none the less. Also a new 2-Up road bike course record was set by Ben and Trystan with an impressive 22:54 for their first ever 2-Up ride, yet another impressive ride from both of them. Also a mention for Gemma with a superb 22:30.

Thank you for all the riders and the support volunteers. From next week on we are back on the A45 for the next 7 weeks, and would not be surprised based on the current performance, to see some impressive times and many PB's. Good luck to all.

45RC Riders
  1: Colin Newport	R 24:42    (30)
  2: Ian Stokes		T 24:52    (29)
  3: Scott Andrew	R 25:04    (28)
  4: Peter Cunningham	R 25:54 PB (27)
  5: Graham Reed	T 26:06 PB (26)
  6: Andy Wildman	R 26:21 PB (25)
  7: Lee Barnett	T 27:12    (24)
  8: Bob Green		R 27:58    (23)

2-Up Riders
     Trystan Barnett |	R 22:54 CR
     Ben Eldertontt  |

Guest Riders
     Paul Sturgess	R 25:53 PB Gorilla Firm Racing
     Stevie Mitchell	T 25:19 PB  -
     Sue Rust		T 25:09    KCC
     Gemma Royles	T 22:30 PB VeloElite
     Fabos Young	T 21:02    VeloElite
     George Fox		T 20:05 CR Team Bottrill
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