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45RC Club TT 2019/#8 - 07/05/19 Results

45RC Club 10TT Chelveston/A6 Bypass - 6th May 2019

Leaderboard now updated with all results, and Kevin's "enhanced" gallery added.

On a somewhat overcast evening, on the drive over it was still evident that it would be a good evening, and so it was. 16 riders participated and 10 returned with times of under 24 minutes and under, including two 23's, three 22's and a 20. Ben Elderton took the 45RC lead with a new PB, but the fastest on the day, was George Fox, on a road bike. Full details will be posted during tomorrrow as I collate and update all the results.

45RC Riders
Ben Elderton	T 22:38 CPB (30)
Trystan Barnett	T 23:33 CPB (29)
Scott Andrew	R 24:37 PB  (28)
Simon Fitzhugh	T 24:53     (27)
Graham Read	T 26:21 PB  (26)
Andy Wildman	R 26:39 PB  (25)
Lee Barnett	T 27:49     (24)
Bob Green	T 29:49     (23)

Guest Riders
George Fox	R 20:54     Team Bottrill
Alex Garner	T 22:38 PB  VeloElite
Paul Hardy	T 22:38 PB  VeloElite
Gemma Royles	T 23:16 PB  VeloElite
Jack Gibbs	T 24:01     VeloElite
Sue Rust	T 24:43     KCC
Stevie Mitchell	T 25:52      -
Trevor Parrish	T 28:34     A5
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