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Salcey 10TT 2019 #5 - 16/04/19 Results

A great turnout tonight with 25 riders. Great to see some first time TT riders in the mix as well. Looked like it was going to be a good evening and so it was for 5 riders who set new PB's.
Fastest time on the night went to James Stewart (QN Racing) with a 23:33. Fastest 45RC club rider on the night was junior Trystan Barnett, also with a new CPB, of 24:29, followed by Colin Newport 25:40 and a CPB, on a road bike, and Ben Elderton with a 25:41. PB's and CPB's were achieved by Gary Hewitt, Mark Ainge, Colin Newport, Gemma Royles and Trystan Barnett. Championship points table all updated.
Thanks to all the riders and the support crew, Pete Cunningham, Martin Patmore and Dave Tuttle. Note to any rider, please remember to have a working (charged) tail light fitted.........
We are back again at Salvey for the next 2 weeks and the weather looks to be improving.........good news all round!

45RC	 Riders	    Time
  1: Trystan Barnett	 T 24:29 PB Jnr	(30)
  2: Nick Ost		 R 25:10	(29)
  3: Colin Newport	 T 25:40 PB	(28)
  4: Ben Elderton	 T 25:41	(27)
  5: Mark Ainge		 T 26:50 PB	(26)
  6: Simon Fitzhugh	 T 27:14	(25)
  7: Ian Stokes		 T 27:18	(24)
  8: Edd Clayton	 R 27:30	(23)
  9: Graham Read	 T 28:28	(22)
 10: Lee Barnett	 T 29:59	(21)

Guest Riders		   Time
    James Stewart	 T 23:33 QN Racing
    Paul Hardy		 T 24:04 VeloElite
    Alex Garner		 T 24:07 VeloElite
    Stu Wright		 T 24:21 QN Racing
    Gemma Royles	 T 24:53 VeloElite PB
    Andy Sharman	 T 25:03 Baines Racing
    Jack Gibbs		 T 25:18 VeloElite
    Gary Hewitt		 R 25:34 VeloElite PB
    Eddie Smith		 T 25:42 Treads CC
    James Green		 R 27:54 Guest
    Stephen Wood	 T 27:57 45DM
    Caroline Hewitt	 R 28:04 Velolite
    Robin Bryant	 R 28:18 VeloElite
    Steve Bussey	 T 29:03 45DM
    Trevor Parrish	 T 31:59 A5
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