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Liam Stones ex 45 Road Club now riding with Phil Corley Cycles:

January 2012: Liam Stones ex 45 Road Club now riding with Phil Corley Cycles team:
An article written with an update of one of our club members, Liam Stones, from a few notes he recently sent to me at the club.  He has said that obviously the racing hasn't really kicked of yet but has just come back from a two week training camp in Portugal which was "brilliant and has set a good base now to build onto for the season".  He will also be leaving early February for the second training camp in Majorca.   He describes  "that is where the hard part starts and we have to start digging deep in getting ready for the first races of the season".
On recent rides he said "I did race at Hillingdon just recently to try and judge my performance, and was placed third in the e/1/2/3.  I think that was good considering this time last year I had not ever raced before!   So things are looking up for the 2012 season although I know it will be much harder this year and I see it as my building block for 2013 where I expect to have the experience and strength to do much better".
Finally he said,  "I have put down to race in the Rutland cycle classic and various Premier calendar races and hopefully I will be doing the tour series city centre crits which are very local this year so once I find out what I'm doing for sure I will update you"!!
The link to team Corley cycles page where there is a team section with all the rider profiles http://www.philcorleycycles.co.uk/team-cc.htm  which is being updated.  There will be some changes on the site in the near future so If anyone is interested  keep looking. Updates for the various races will be posted on our site and via facebook as they come up.
We all wish Liam the very best in his cycling career and look forward to more reading with Team Phil Corely Cycles
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