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45 Road Club TT series rules - 2016

45 Road Club TT series rules - 2016
There shall be a male and female series which follow the same rules as below.
 1: All counting events must be completed- No points awarded for DNF/DNS.
 2: If an event is cancelled no points shall be awarded.
 3: The series trophy is awarded to 45RC members only.
 4: Open events do not count towards the club TT series.
 5: For individual time trials no points shall be awarded for 2up or tandem results.
 6: Points awarded-
     1st- 30 points 
     2nd- 29 points
     3rd 28 points
     Etc. down to 1 point.
     If there are more than 30 riders then the lowest, not the highest,
     amount of points shall be awarded for 30th and below.
 7: If a rider races more than 15 of the counting 24 events then their highest 15 placings will
    count towards the final total.
 8: If a rider wishes to ride a TT bike in a road bike event then no points shall be awarded. 
 9: On all “road bike” events- no aero helmets, no clip on tri bars and no wheels with a rim 
    depth greater than 50mm shall be used. (Skinsuits/overshoes are permitted).
10: A rider must time keep at least 1 event to count for the series plus one other club event
    in either time keeper, sign-on person or pushing off roles.

As originally agreed at 2014 AGM (remains unchanged for 2016)
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