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Whiston Hilly TT 2019/#3 - 02/04/19

45RC TT 2019/3 on the Tuesday 2nd April is on the Whiston course and will be the first of the 2019 handicap series.
Support crew is TK: M Smith, PO: I Stokes, Signs: N Barford/B Elderton
First rider departs at 6:45pm, signing on opens approx 5:45pm and closes 6:30pm

This Tuesday's TT, Whiston 6:45pm is the first event of this year's handicap series. 
This year we are trying a different scoring system with each rider having a target time to aim for (or hopefully beat)
I have attached a brief description of the handicap system including the target times for the first event. 
If anyone has any questions or think they have qualifying times but haven't been given a handicap, please respond.
Good luck everyone!! 

Handicap Series 2019 This year’s Handicap Series will be a new event held over 4 races on both Whiston and Salcey courses.
Handicap Series 2019
This year’s Handicap Series will be a new event held over 4 races on both Whiston and Salcey courses.
The new handicapping system will produce a target time for each rider to beat on both courses.
Your handicap is produced based on your fastest times during the last 2 seasons. 
However once the series has started only your last ride will affect the handicap for the next race. 
Riding faster than your personal target will produce a positive score (in seconds) that counts towards the 
series, slower = negative. 75% of your score will be taken away (+or –) from the target time for the next event.
Each rider must complete minimum 3 out of 4 events. The average (mean) score for a rider from all events will 
count towards the trophy leaderboard.

How the handicap is calculated for first event:
At first Salcey and Whiston seem like very different and un-comparable courses. However compare the data of how much
slower riders are than the course record, not riders overall time, and the average results become remarkably similar for both
courses. Therefore I believe it possible to produce an accurate handicap for both courses using the formula below:
At least one Salcey and Whiston time is needed from the same season. If times from a previous year have to be used an extra 10% is added for off season slow down. Target times for first event: Handicap Whiston Target Salcey Target Ben Elderton 05:44 30:00 26:33 Bob Green 12:43 36:59 33:32 Colin Newport 07:04 31:20 27:53 Dave Tuttle 05:29 29:45 26:18 Fabos Young 01:12 25:28 22:01 James Windross 07:01 31:17 27:50 Jamie Tuttle 04:33 28:49 25:22 Lee Barnett 11:19 35:35 32:08 Mark Ainge 10:26 34:42 31:15 Martin Patmore 07:17 31:33 28:06 Neville Bradshaw 05:17 29:33 26:06 Phil Melling 02:14 26:30 23:03 Simon Fitzhugh 06:23 30:39 27:12 Trystan Barnett 06:38 30:54 27:27
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