45 Road Club

Whiston Hilly TT 2019/#2 - Cancelled

Apologies allround, but due to an oversight with the calendar that has only just been noticed, involving the clocks changing to BST, which this year is not until the 31st March one of the latest dates it has ever been. This means that we cannot run the Whiston Hilly on the 26th March.

The Handicaps have therefore been moved up one round so that event #3, on the 2nd April, will now be the first round of the handicap series, and event #4, the Salcey 10 on the 9th April, will now be the second round of the handicap and round three should still be on event #22, Whiston Hilly on the 13h August.

Once again we are very sorry, the Whiston Hily scheduled for the 26th March had has to be cancelled due to a mixup on the clock changing to BST and the severe lack of daylight resulting on that day at that time!

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