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45RC 2019 Club TT Calendar

Here is the provisional 2019 Club TT Calendar, subject to final approvals from the local authorities.

25's are now added, see the first "Course" column for the course code and distances, 10,25 indicating both 10 and 25 TTs will be run. 

2018 AGM - 24th Jan 2019

Some images from the trophy presentations at the 2018 AGM
AGM docs/minutes will be published, in the club members only AGM Documents section, as soon as released.

Images by Simon Fitzhugh

45RC - Beer & Puddin' Trophy TT - 26/12/18

45RC Results for the 45RC Annual Boxing Day Beer & Puddin' Trophy TT - 26th Dec 2018

Image by Lysa Jones

Was an excellent turnout today for the annual B&P Trophy TT, with some really great times. We also had a young national celebrity riding with us today one Rhoda Jones, with her father Tom. This 4-year-old rider, see image below, recently broke the record for the youngest rider ever to complete the LEJOG, (yes you read that correctly: 980+ miles!) an absolutely amazing feat and she clearly loves her riding.

The outright fastest time of the day was an impressive 21:11 by Jordan Peacock, followed by Gavin Howell (21:52) then a gaggle of riders in the 22's; George Fox (22:04), Fabos Young (22:26) and Tony Brown (22:48). Fastest 45RC rider on the day and winner of the Beer & Puddin' Trophy is Jamie Tuttle (23:43), beating his brother Dave Tutle by 3 seconds then Martin Patmore (24:21) was next only one second ahead of Steve Brierley (24:22). Only one female rider rode this year, Maria Gent (27:59). There were three 2-UP's riding, the fastest on the day being Gary Hewitt/Paul Hardy (23:44). A big thumbs up to 45RC member Mike Berry who rode his 1930's single speed delivery bike in 38:49.

Image by Katie HardyThank you to everyone who took part and have supported the 45RC TT series throught 2018 - see you in 2019.

45RC Riders
  1: Jamie Tuttle		23:43	6: Stuart Ross		30:15
  2: Dave Tuttle		23:46	7: Ian Stokes		31:11
  3: Martin Patmore		24:21	8: Alex Puddephatt	31:44
  4: Steve Brierley		24:22	9: Mike Berry		38:49
  5: Mark Ainge			28:54

45RC 2-Up
Ben Elderton/Simon Fitzhugh	25:40

Guest Riders
  1: Jordan Peacock		21:11  Team Spirit Tifosi
  2: Gavin Howell		21:52  Velo Elite
  3: George Fox			22:04  Team Bottrill
  4: Fabos Young		22:26  Velo Elite
  5: Tony Brown			22:48  KCC
  6: Danny Metherell		23:19  Velo Elite
  7: Josh Brown			23:21  KCC
  8: Rich Jones			23:30  Renvale RT
  9: Martin Keable		24:07  KCC
10: Paul Ashdown		25:41  KCC
11: Daniel Bates		25:42  KCC
12: Adrian Read			26:17  MBRT
13: Tim Neal			27:46  Velo Elite
14: Maria Gent			27:59  KCC
15: Adrian Twelvetree		28:12  Velo Elite
16: Conrad Hollywood		28:33  Velo Elite
17: Mark Moriarty		29:16  WDAC
18: Jerome Smith		29:24  KCC
19: Adrian Woodfield		32:08  -
20: Tom & Rhoda Jones	36:01  Team HUP

Guest 2-UP's
Garry Hewitt/Paul Hardy		23:44  Velo Elite
Mark Baird/Andy Paynes		25:49  Velo elite

Boxing Day Beer and Puddin' Trophy TT

The annual 45 Road Club Boxing Day "10" TT 

The annual Beer and Puddin' Trophy "10" TT takes place on Boxing Day on the Old/Lamport circuit. The first rider pushes off at 10:30, signing on takes place on the day. Entries open to all, theme kit and/or bikes welcome.

Signing on and start/finish line is at the grass triangle as you exit Old village towards Mawsley, at the junction of Mill Lane and Broughton Road

Club Xmas dinner & ride - 9th Dec 2018

Xmas club ride lunch - Image gallery by David Brown please contact him directly if there are any high res versions of an image you would like.

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