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Xmas 2019 - Club Ride and Lunch

Advance Notice for your diary......

This years Xmas Ride and Lunch will be on Sunday the 8th December.
Lunch will be at the Bull's Head, Arthingworth, LE16 8J. Full Xmas menu's will be posted nearer to the date for you to view. Non riders and family members are also very welcome.
The group will meet and depart from John's place as usual, 41 John Grey Rd, Gt. Doddington at 9:30am for a 10:00am depart.

45 Road Club Christmas Dinner to be held on Sunday 8th December 2019 at The Bull’s Head, Arthingworth. Please let John Crisp know your choice of menu by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Payment with order to John or direct to the 45 Road Club account by 25th November 2019 please.
Thanks, John 



The N.&D.C.A. have been experiencing some problems with their website. The final results of the season long competition are not showing on the website, so we are attaching them as spreadsheets. I have been receiving many enquiries about the results and rightly so. Therefore I would be pleased if you would distribute them among your members. This is not a satisfactory way of informing your riders but I do hope to get it all straight soon.

Thanks for your help Michael Church - N.&D.C.A. secretary.


45RC Club 2019/#23 Kilo Sprint - 20/08/19

The Denton Kilo Sprint Results - 20th August 2019
A pleasant evening for this challenging event. Two runs, an out leg, then a return leg, of the 1Km course, with the sum of the two runs counting.
The course record was again broken this year, and once again by Ben who managed to reduce it by one second! Six PB's were set by the field. Congratulations to everyone riding and the support team, Simon. Ian and Lee. This leaves only the hillclimb event left before the 45RC 2019 TT Series concludes.
Plus lots of images from the event for you all, many thanks for the support and for the images to Kevin, David and John.

45RC Riders
 1: Ben Elderton	R 2:39 PB CR  (30)
 2: Trystan Barnett	R 2:43 PB     (29)
 3: Evan Hsu		R 2:47        (28)
 4: Pete Cunningham	R 3:00 PB     (27)
 5: Graham Read		T 3:05 PB     (26)
 6: Jodie Redden	R 3:06 PB     (25)
 7: Andy Wildman	R 3:07 PB     (24)

Guest Riders
    Andrew Holman	R 3:09  

Gallery by Kevin

Gallery by Mike - finish of the 1st leg

Gallery by David Brown

Gallery by John Woods
1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg10.jpg11.jpg12.jpg45 SPRINT-22.jpg

45RC Club TT 2019/#18 - 16/07/19

Results for Club TT's, 10m and 25m, 16th July 2019, #18 of the series.

Apologies for the delay, been busy and have a busy day ahead, so this "race report" will be incomplet but will be updated later on today.

What an evening, not quite as fast as predicted, but still 12 PB's and three new Course Records, the solo 25m for Fabos Young with a 49:46 (existing one was 50:39), the solo Womens 10m to Gemma Royles with a 21:05 (beating her existing one of 21:25) and the Barker brothers Rob and Sam for a 10m Tandem with a 20:21 (beating their previous record of 20:52) , so on that basis I think it was a hugely successful evening. A full house of riders enjoyed the evening and I literally just made it down from the start line of the 10 to the finish line as the 1st 10TT rider came in!

Many thanks to the helpers, Jamie and Neil, and Summer Wine crew (John and Bill) for running the 25TT riders. 

Course records page can be found here.

45RC Riders - 10TT
 1: Ben Elderton	T    21:11  PB (30)
 2: Trystan Barnett	T    21:51     (29)
 3: Neil Barford	T    22:46     (28)
 4: Simon Fitzhugh	T    23:05     (27)
 5: Graham Read		T    24:22  PB (26)
 6: Andy Wildman	R    25:13  PB (25)

     James Windross	R    25:32     (24)
     Adam Nash		R	

45Rc Riders - 25TT
 1: Lee Barnett		R 1:07:37  PB (30)

Guest Riders - 10TT
     George Fox		T    19:07     Team Bottrill
     Gavin Howell	T    20:15  PB Velo Elite
     Andy Sharman	T    20:59     Team Bottrill
     Gemma Royles	T    21:05 CPB Velo Elite
     Rob & Sam Barker	T    20:21 TCR KCC  (Tadem Course Record)
     Chris Old		T    21:44  PB KCC
     Gareth Mills	T    22:12  PB Brixworth Velo
     Lee Edmonds	R    22:52     Mercedes AMG CC
     Paul Ashdown	T    23:00     KCC
     Jamie Stockham	T    23:38  PB KCC
     Charlie Stockham	T    24:24  PB KCC
     Maria Gent		T    24:27  PB KCC
     Joe Allen		R    25:09     KCC
     Michael York	R    25:39     Velo Elite

Guest Riders - 25TT
     Fabos Young		T    49:46   CR  Velo Elite (Course Record)
     Eddie Smith		T    56:12   PB  Treads CC
David Browns's gallery

Kevin's gallery

45RC Club TT 2019/#13 A45 moving to backup course...

UPDATE: 16:20 June 11th 2019

Tonights backup TT is also now cancelled due to road surface conditions with the recent weather.

2019/#13 moving from A45 to Salcey
Hi everyone, unfortunately, but probably of no surprise to most, the A45 course is not deemed to be safe in the current weather conditions for a TT tonight and will be moved to the backup course, the Salcey course. This also means it will only be a 10TT tonight.

First rider off at 7:15PM, booking in opens from approx 6:15pm.

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