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45RC 10TT #18/25 - A45 17/07/18

Well, another good evening and another fast and successful TT for many riders. Fastest time on the day was Rob Barker, yes that Rob Barker, with a 21:14. Fastest 45RC rider was Simon Fitzhugh with a 22:46. A superb PB by Lee Barnett who improved by just under a minute and a half, John Thorne (KCC) for getting his first sub hour for the 25 and a new KCC Mixed Tandem 10 Club and course record by Sue Rust and Adrian Gorham. A good ride by 45RC Junior Trystan Barnett moves him back to the top of the club TT leaderboard. Sorry about the lack of images.

This was our last TT on the A45 course for this season and what an A45 season it has been, some great rides, great results for many riders and course records at 10, 25 and 30 miles. Thank you to all the 45RC riders and guest riders for their support on the A45 TT's.
Also many thanks for the support for tonight from Neil Barford and Graeme Freestone-King for the signs, Dave Mann for the PO, and Mike for the Timekeeeping.

Next week we are back on the A6 Bypass for another chance for you to get your 10 PB, see you there......6:15pm signing on opens, and first rider sets off at 7:15pm.  

10TT - 45RC Riders
Simon Fitzhugh	T 22:46    (30)
Trystan Barnett	T 23:14    (29)
Graeme F/S-King	T 23:43 PB (28)
Mike Wheeler	T 24:25 PB (27)
Lee Barnett	T 25:03 PB (26)

10TT - Guest Riders
Rob Barker	T  21:14     KCC
Darren Cope	T  21:54     Team Bottrill
Eddie Smith	T  22:13 PB  Baines
Martin Keable	T  22:27 PB  KCC
Paul Ashdown	T  22:43 PBY KCC
Maria Gent	T  25:16     KCC
Adrian Gorham ┐Tdm 22:21     KCC ┐ KCC Mixed Tandem Record
Sue Rust      ┘Tdm 22:21     KCC ┘ and N7/10 Course Record

25TT - Guest Rider 
John Thorne     T 59:41 PB     KCC

45RC 10/25/30 TT #15/25 A45 - 26/06/18

Image by David Brown45RC 10m/25m/30m TT A45 Results - 26th June 2018
Another cracking day on the 45 TT Series. KCC guest riders out in force looking for club and personal records and they succeeded! The KCC ladies trio of Sue Rust, Maria Gent and Bethany Spencer set yet another KCC club record for the Trio this time for the 25 Mile distance. While Maria set a new PB and Bethany a PB, plus the KCC  Junior and Juvenile records at 25 miles. Whilst Marcus Busch and Mike Cope rode and set a new KCC Tandem record at 10 Miles. Well done all. In the 45RC club riders, Trystan Barnett set another 10 PB and gets quicker every week, very well done Trystan, again.

No changes at the top of the TT Series leaderboard, just some consolidations for Trystan and Ben, soon be into countback, will others take on the challenge.....?

Thanks to everyone who rode and to the support team Paul, Jamie and Lee.


45RC Riders
10 Miles
Trystan Barnet	T 22:41 PB (30)
Neil Barford	T 22:44    (29)
Colin Newport	R 23:42    (28)
30 Miles (25 Miles)
Fabos Young	T 62:34 PB (25 51:48) 
Ben Elderton	T 70:49 (25 58:54) (30) 

Guest Riders
10 Miles
Marcus Busch ┐	
Mike Cope    ┘	T 22:30 KCC Tandem 
Adrian Gorham	T 23:15 KCC
John Thorne	T 23:31 KCC
25 Miles
Sue Rust	T 60:35 KCC
Paul Ashdown	T 60:52 KCC
Maria Gent	T 66:13 KCC PB
Bethany Spencer	T 67:05 KCC PB
30 Miles
George Fox	T 60:59 CR (25 50:39) Team Bottrill-Vanguard
Eddie Smith	T OC     Baines
Jack Patmore	T DNF   Velo Elite

Gallery Images by David Brown (contact him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for hi-res versions)

A45 TT meeting/signing on relocated

We have been able to secure improved parking for the 45 Road Club TT events held on the A45 course. So the meeting/signing on point is now relocated to the car park at White's Nursery, located at the bottom of the start hill, right by the first roundabout and the 10TT finish line. Nothing else has changed, all the course start and finish points for 10, 25 and 30TT's are exactly the same.

2018 TT #12/25 A45 10TT/25TT

Event #12/25 2018 Club TT Series - A45 10TT and 25TT results

Well it was another very successful evening with 6 PB's and another course record, the 25TT one tonight, previously held by Stuart Travis at 51:57 set on the 19th July 2016, now held by Fabos Young with a 50:42. Commiserations to Jack Patmore who broke it first with a 51:31 which he held for 11 secs until Fabos finished. Well done to both riders and to the other sub 1hr riders and PB setters in the 25TT. In the 10TT another 2 riders improved their PB's. Unfortuntely for Eddie Smith, he overdid things a bit and added the dogleg on all 3 of his laps, doing approx 28.5 miles instead of the 25.........but he was still beaming afterwards saying how much he enjoyed it!
10TT Course 
45RC riders
Simon Fitzhugh	T 22:25 30
James Windross	T 23:14 29 PB
Trystan Barnet	T 23:52 28
Lee Barnett	T 25:49 27 PB

Guest Riders
Mike Cope	T 22:19 KCC
Marcus Busch	T 24:45 KCC

25TT Course
45RC riders
Fabos Young	T 50:42    PB CR
Neil Barford	T 58:00 30 PB
Ben Elderton	T 58:31 29 PB

Guest Riders
Jack Patmore	T 51:31 PB Velo Elite
Eddie Smith	T 66:05 OC Baines
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